Time to say thank you

It’s been a long, long wait, but finally, on the last weekend of June, the Nürburgring Endurance Series kicked off its 2020 season.

The first race since autumn 2019 was a resounding success both on and off the track. Series organisers and teams have been working tirelessly on a safety concept to bring motorsport back to the Nordschleife after such a long break.

All the hard work paid off. Thanks to a brand-new pitlane concept, a new pitstop procedure and a whole host of other measures, the race weekend went by without any issue at all.

We would like to thank everyone behind the scenes at the Nürburgring and all of our competitors on track. The four-hour race was emphatic proof of how much we have all missed wheel-to-wheel racing on what is without doubt the most wonderful circuit in the world. The GT3 battle picked up where it left off last season, with cars fighting tooth and nail for the podium.

Unfortunately, we were unable to finish among the top three and just missed out on the podium champagne despite starting second. Damage to the #15 Audi following a contact with a competitor just before the end of the race cost Kim-Luis Schramm and Michele Beretta their third place on track. Vincent Kolb and Frank Stippler also put in an impressive performance. However, electrical issues ultimately put paid to both cars’ challenges.

Last but by no means least: thank you to all of you Nürburgring fans! We know how much you would have loved to have visited the Nordschleife for this much-delayed season-opener. We would like to say a big thanks to all of you for staying away and following the action from the comfort of your own homes. We’ll see you soon – promise!


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