Strong for the future

The business world is changing and more than ever in Corona crisis times. Ernst Moser is well aware of his responsibility as the founder of Phoenix Racing and is paving the way for the future.

“We’ve been successfully engaging in motorsport for over 20 years and we’ve experienced a great deal of changes in the sector over this period. This applies to customer, as well as works racing”, Moser says. “But this particular year 2020 poses major challenges for firms connected to motorsport.”

The team boss and entrepreneur is convinced: “Never before, has it been so important to position ourselves clearly and follow new paths at the same time.” Moser also explains what this means for the Phoenix Racing name: “We’re broadening our approach by strengthening the group of companies surrounding our motorsport activities.”

First steps have already been taken with the launch of the “Phoenix Drive” brand. Idea behind it – in future, whoever drives his road vehicle to the Nürburgring, can have performance improvement directly carried out by the racing team experts in Meuspath. Phoenix Drive goes online with its own website from 1 July.

“We’re setting up Phoenix Drive with strong partners and have already welcomed our first customers”, he explains. “We’re working parallel on further projects, for example in the simulator sector. However, motorsport is always the central element in our strategy.”


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