Phoenix Racing supporting young drivers

Promoting the next generation of driving talent has always been a key part of Phoenix Racing’s activities. One of the pillars of its young driver programme is the DTM Trophy, which is run as part of the DTM calendar. Here, Ernst Moser’s team offer a platform to help talented drivers develop their skills. Rudolf Rhyn is one of them.

The young Swiss driver drove a Porsche Cayman for the Meuspath-based team in the 2020 championship-winning season. The youngster benefited from Phoenix’ 20 years of motorsport experience as well as the professionalism of such a well-oiled machine. Not only that, as a DTM works team, the 22-year-old was also able to learn from some of the best drivers in the world at Phoenix Racing.

“These are the foundations from my perspective,” explains Ernst Moser. “For young drivers, series such as the DTM Trophy are the perfect arena in which to learn racecraft. They then have the chance of graduating to our GT3 programme to further demonstrate their skills. “

But that’s not all either: With Phoenix Racing based right next to the Nürburgring, it also offers a number of other unique opportunities. Young drivers can practise to their heart’s content on the team’s in-house simulator, even if there are no races planned. Engineers provide assistance and analyse the data so that improvements can be made tangible.

Phoenix Sim is further testament to the expertise Phoenix Racing has when it comes to simulation. Phoenix Racing develops and builds custom-made simulators that are open to all drivers. From head office straight onto the race track – no problem at Phoenix Racing!

Besides the professional support on and off the race track, Rhyn sees additional benefits to working with Phoenix Racing. “Alongside all the hard work, the team spirit is really great. We can have a laugh with each other, and that is very important to me. I think the only way to be quick is if you feel 100% comfortable.”


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