The basics of PR work

Media workshop with Phoenix Racing and just authentic

This season, Phoenix Racing has opted for a team of talented young drivers in its race programmes. Away from the drivers’ sporting careers, the Meuspath-based team is also helping the drivers out in other areas. At the first races of the season, Phoenix Racing joined up with partner just authentic to organise a media training course for its GT3 and GT4 drivers.

The surprise victory for Max Hofer and Philip Ellis at the first round of the ADAC GT Masters season quickly showed how important quality PR work is, with the drivers giving interview after interview and posing for photographs. Everyone at the circuit wanted to speak to the Phoenix Racing pair and get their opinion on the race. In the Phoenix Racing Junior Programme, drivers are actively prepared for such situations.

“It is important to us that we also support the guys away from the track,” said Marketing Director Dennis Hirtz. “Working with representatives of the press and other media is hugely important and young drivers in particular can learn a great deal from such workshops and this is of great value for their careers moving forward.”

Staying on course in the media jungle

All PR-related issues were clarified in Zolder and Oschersleben in conjunction with team partner just authentic. How do I conduct myself in an interview? What other appointments do I have on a race weekend? The workshop also went into the proper use of social media and how to generate content for social networks.

The workshop focusing on the basics of PR work is just the start, with further workshops planned in conjunction with the PR agency. Drivers also have the chance to propose issues for workshops that they are particularly interested in.

In order to provide a wide range of views in the workshop, representatives from a variety of forms of media also attend the workshops. Series’ communications officers or TV commentators also participate to give their unique insight into the world of motorsport and communication.


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