ESport: Phoenix joins up with MSP in sim-racing

Phoenix Racing and MSP are stepping into the eSport scene together – more precisely in sim-racing. Both teams have started a longterm partnership under the name MSP Phoenix Racing a few months ago. Phoenix Racing has achieved great success in GT racing and in the DTM. The crew from the Eifel is one of the most famous racing teams worldwide. MSP has been successful in international licensed racing series since 2011 – digital racing, that is. Frank Biela has also been involved in MSP for several years. Not least because of his significant success during his motorsport career, the five-time Le Mans winner and former DTM champion is one of the most prominent members of the community.

“Sim-Racing fits very well into today’s motorsport world and opens up completely new possibilities. I am really fascinated by the opportunities and the quality of the cars, tracks and driving conditions being presented,” says Phoenix team principal Ernst Moser. “What unites us is certainly the passion for motorsports. And I think we will find many commonalities that will push both teams forward. In this respect I am really looking forward to working together!”

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